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Newly Adopted MiCare Regulations (2019)

The FSM's Managed Health Care Plan

Welcome to the MiCare Health Insurance Plan. Formerly known as the FSM National Government Employees' Health Insurance Plan, MiCare has expanded its eligibility criteria since its inception. Indeed, for over 30 years, MiCare has provided health insurance to the people of the FSM. On February 15, 2018 FSM Public Law 20-72 was signed into law, expanding the eligibility criteria yet again. Learn more about MiCare through our website.
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 Forms and Documents

Already a member of the FSM MiCare Plan? Interested in enrolling? Need to make plan modifications? Visit the Forms and Documents section of our website for complete plan information.

 Come Visit Us

The FSM MiCare Plan maintains a head office in Pohnpei, with branch offices in Kosrae, Chuuk, Yap and Manila. Come visit us and learn more about health insurance offered by MiCare.

 Service Providers

Are you a current MiCare Plan Member looking for options among authorized service providers? Our complete list of providers is available here.

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